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Decorating Your Home on Budget

Decorating is a way of adding coziness and charm to your house. Everyone likes to live in a house which is well decorated but sometimes it can prove costly and heavy on the budget. So let’s see what are the things you can do to decorate your home on budget.

Coloring Walls

Adding color to the walls is probably the best way to decorate your home, and it’s easy and inexpensive and it gives an instant lift to the overall look of your house. You can opt to decorate an entire room in an attractive shade or you can go for a two-tone scheme which always looks stylish and classy.


One of the most effective and inexpensive way to decorate your home is to fill the walls with artwork, posters and prints. A bare wall always look boring and you can select the artwork which aligns with the color scheme of the walls. Nature photography, a painting or a family picture are the most used for decorating walls.

Updating Pillows

When you are on a budget and can’t afford a new sofa, the best way to bring the old one to life is my changing the pillows. You can match them with the color of the walls or of the floor.



A house with less lighting looks boring and unappealing so another way to add life to your house while maintaining the budget is to add lighting to your house. You can always ditch the boring lights with the creative lighting options that are not expensive. The primary source of light should match the general style of the room. Small lamps can be used for lighting purpose and they also look elegant and increase the overall appeal of the room.


Transforming Dull windows

You can add beauty to your house by transforming the dull windows by adding a floral pattern or statement stripes. Another thing that can be done is a roller blind which is never expensive and can be easily installed.


Rugs can be used to cover the unattractive flooring and can also help in adding attractiveness to the floor. If you are unable to purchase the expensive rugs, you can purchase cuts of carpets and use them to create your own rug.

So these were some things that you can do in order to decorate your house while staying on a budget.

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4 Quick Cost-Effective Home Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

You have listed your house with multiple realtors and no-one has even bothered to make an offer. More often than not, houses that are well looked after, maintained and even completely renovated sell much quicker than others. If you’ve hit a wall, and don’t know how to get your home looking spiffy without spending top dollar, we’ve got some handy tips right here for you. All these activities can be done by yourself, and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Upgrade That Horrible Tiles

How do you do that? With some paint and simple color coordination, of course! If you have some nasty tiles that are still in a good condition, and you can’t re-tile, simply paint it. Whether you want them all one color or a black-and-white diner look, there is a world of possibilities with a bucket of paint!

Get Some New Handles and Knobs

Whether you like them swanky or antique, adding a special spunk to your house with new door handles and knobs will already give your home a polished look, without breaking the bank! While you are at it, you can even paint cabinets and doors in statement colors just to make it pop! Nothing looks and feels better than something with a new coat of paint!

Do a Major Cleanup

Less fun, but also necessary if you are serious about selling your house. If you have not paid any attention to your garden or the exterior of your house, maybe it is time to just review and see what the state of affairs are. Clean up the garden, give the exterior some paint, you should always try to impress prospective buyers by what the house looks like from street view.

Ask Our Friendly Advice

Who better to ask about what buyers are looking at than Tallahassee real estate agents? If you feel like you are stuck in a rut and you have done everything you could to improve the appearance of your home, just ask an expert. A professional real estate agent will be able to tell you exactly what buyers like and dislike, giving you an advantage.

If all else fails, why not list your property with Move 2 NJ Realtors? We are pretty sure that your property will sell in no-time. But, if you just start out on some of the tips mentioned above, you should already be making an improvement.

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Moving-In 101: How To Move House With Pets in 4 Simple Steps

Moving into a new home is exciting as much as it is hard work. The packing and unpacking and finding a place for every piece of furniture. As stressful as it is for you, it is for your pets too. Many people struggle to get there pets to settle in easily after a move, with some dogs and cats just running away. In this post, we look at ways you can make the transition a little bit easier for your furry friends.

Image source: House Hunt

#1 Do everything you can to let them feel safe and assured

Moving causes a lot of anxiety for animals and humans alike. Try your best to make the move for your fur babies as simple as possible. If possible, have them stay with someone they know for the day of the move and once all your smells and furniture is in place, take them. If you can’t do this, stay close to them and observe their needs.

#2 Prepare a designated room with all their stuff for the day of the move

Take all their toys and blankies and maybe a sweater of your own and put it in a room where they will be for the duration of the unpacking and unloading. This will make them feel a little more at ease knowing all their things and their human’s scent is right there.

#3 Slowly introduce them to the new surroundings

Once everything is settled and you’ve unloaded and unpacked, take them for a walk around the yard and inside the house. Let them roam free and explore. Just be sure that there is no way that they will be able to get out and run away if they tend to be anxious by nature. Just remember, it may take some time for them to get used to it, but sooner or later they will.

#4 Add some extra loving and TLC

Depending on the temperament of your pet, a little extra attention and tummy scratches are sure to go a long way. Make them feel as much part of this new home as the one you just left. Besides, who doesn’t love some extra cuddles from their fluffy friend?

We hope we’ve added some helpful tips here to ensure your move goes smoothly and without any mishaps or runaway pets! As stressful as the process might be, it can also be a fun adventure for you and your pets.

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Moving Abroad? You Simply Cannot Leave Before Knowing These 4 Things

There is a lot of planning involved when you decide to move abroad. A lot of decisions also needs to be made, like whether or not you should bring the pets along. Will you take all your furniture? Should you take everything you own or just a couple of things. Moving, even if it is from one house to another in the same street, can be quite a headache. Let’s take a quick look at 4 things you should know before jumping in and packing for your move overseas.

1. Do a Spring Clean

Never has the opportunity been better. Take stock of all your things and organize them. Decide what you cannot live without and chuck the rest. You can even hold a yard sale if needs are, or donate things not going with you to a charity.

2. Smart Storage

If you have an heirloom that you don’t want to move with you, and you just cannot part with it, put it in storage for the time being. Even if you’ll have your furniture and belongings sent over later, storage is the way to go to keep things as simple as possible.

3. Paperwork to be Done

Make sure all your personal documentation are up-to-date and that you have original copies of them on your person when making a permanent move to greener shores. Paperwork includes your original ID, qualifications, police checks and so on.

4. Financial Matters

There’s a lot of things on the financial side that you have to get in order before you can set foot on any plane. Firstly, you need to ensure that you have enough funds available for settling in and moving into a new place. Then, you need to decide whether you will keep your current bank account or if you will open up a new one in the country. Speak to your financial advisor before making any hasty decisions!

And that’s a wrap. There are plenty more things one has to take into consideration before moving overseas. Are you an expat? Do you dream of moving to another country? Can you add any neat tips to this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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